MAS Wines & Spirits

During 2016, DUODEKA has successfully finished a project commissioned by MAS Wines & Spirits, an independent global distribution partner for premium and authentic spirit brands. Their core business is sales and brand building of authentic and distinctive spirits. With years of experience they have developed best practices to help suppliers grow their brands.

As their business was expanding globally, the need for business process optimisation grew bigger as well. Order-management workflow and financial workflow systems needed to be integrated. DUODEKA offered their expertise in business process optimisation and conducted several interviews with MAS personnel. The modelling of business processes was performed with Archimate’s modelling software (image). With a clear overview of the sometimes overlapping workflows, DUODEKA could start optimizing the business processes and workflows. Basically, we analyzed the ‘to be’ situation and from there we determined what the ideal ‘to be’ situation would look like.

Next, MAS and DUODEKA started collaborating with two other parties – weDevise and iWebDevelopment – for the purpose of implementing a new, integrated system. The challenge here was to provide MAS with middleware that integrates the CRM (developed by weDevise) with their financial administration software (Exact Online). This is where iWebDevelopment proved to be of great value. Based on the new business processes and the adjusted CRM system, they developed the middleware that enables integration between the two workflows.

For the collaboration between the four partiers, several tools were used. Because issue tracking (i.e. what needs to be done, and by who) is an important element in IT project management, the tool Trello was used. For other communication purposes, we used e-mail, Whatsapp and Slack. Finally, we created documentation for MAS Wines & Spirits in Google Drive (in collaboration with the other partners).

The project was challenging in various ways:

  • Moving from ‘as is’ situation to ‘to be’ situation.
  • Optimizing the ‘to be’ situation
  • Collaborating with 3 parties in total
  • Changing system requirements

More information on the client:

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