Weer een nieuw gezicht op ons kantoor. Vandaag stellen wij Morta aan jullie voor, onze UX Specialist.

Who is Morta?

My name is Morta, I’m UX Specialist at DUODEKA. I have a dual educational background of Psychology and Graphic design and combine both in the field of UX. Psychology studies gave me a good knowledge of human nature that helps me to understand users better. Also I’ve learnt many research methods and techniques that can be applied in practice for user research and usability testing.

Besides my passion for UX, I’m illustrator, blogger, nature lover and many-books-at-once reader.

What are you doing at DUODEKA?

I joined DUODEKA as UX Design trainee and continued working for the company as UX Specialist. I support team work in better user’s cognitive processes, emotions, motivation and behaviours understanding. I do user research and data analysis and convert the findings to design solutions. Recently I’ve worked on some web applications UX optimization and creating a concept for a new web application.


During these few months I had a good chance to work on different projects, challenge myself in different tasks and learn new things. I like that I have multiple roles here and can grow as specialist in many fields. Also I enjoy the freedom to experiment different research methods. Furthermore, I really appreciate the values of the company, especially when I see that these values are the foundation on which small inner and big companies decisions are made.

What are your goals at DUODEKA?

The feeling of progress always motivates me, so my goal is to experience the development of myself, our team and the whole company. I’d like to see positive growth indicators on each project we work on. Finally, my goal is to deepen my knowledge in HTML and CSS to improve my work.

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