FZO: capacityplanning for the healthcare industry

DUODEKA has developed a web application that allows Ducht care institutions to map expectations regarding the care demand and supply for the coming 4 years. As of March 2016, the application has been launched by almost every hospital in the Netherlands. Through the application of the NIVEL-model, individual institutions can make choices regarding their training policies. By aggregating this information, regional coordinator get better insights into the regional training needs. Furthermore, the insights allow for better coordination and provide predictions on a national level.

Client reference

“In 2014, we have tried to manually map the care demand and supply by means of an Excel sheet that were send to each care institution. When I was asked to digitize the process I chose to collaborate with DUODEKA. They have in depth knowledge of the design and development of customized applications. DUODEKA applies agile development methods that result in fast and flexible applications, driven by client needs and knowledge. The cooperation with DUODEKA has resulted in a succesful application and we are currently working on the automation of a large part of the process.”
Martin Smits, Associate Professor Tilburg University