Our vision

Our mission

The founders of DUODEKA found each other similar in the sense that all of us have technical, social and commercial skills, as well as the drive to become great entrepreneurs. For us it is exactly this combination that makes us different from other IT organisations. Technical excellence is worth little on its own, and the same applies to pure commercialism.

Since the beginning, we have always had a commercial view on technology: we use certain techniques not only because of the quality, but also ensure that we can develop quickly. Besides, we never raise the question if something COULD be developed, but if it SHOULD be developed at all. If so, the next question is what would be the most (cost) effective way to develop a given solution.

We also focus on commercialism in a process-oriented way. Make smart, small investments and explore the possibilities of further developing your product to ensure a future fit between the software and your business. When we have validated a business case, we continue to develop and if that is not the case we will not be afraid to pull the plug. Through this vision, we are able to successfully complete projects with happy clients. Furthermore, it enables us to push our own products to the market. By operating via the lean start up theory, we can quickly decide to continue pushing or to pull the plug on our own products.

Since the DUODEKA collaboration, we primarily focus on the question: How do WE want to do it? We are not impressed by the status quo and established conventions and therefore develop our own processes and methodology. On top of that,  we are eager to learn and are always open to inspiration but in the end, our own vision is what counts most.

Our vision

Information Technology is still complex and overwhelming¬† for many people. This is being reflected both in the complex interfaces of (large) IT systems as in the interpretation of a problem towards solution. Usually, the operational management identifies a certain problems or software need, which is directly translated towards a possible solution. This is right in the sense that the underlying business processes must guide the development of a possible solution, but it is wrong in the sense that clients should not determine which solution is the best one. Many IT organisations still operate according to the “you-ask-we-develop” model, which is exactly something we do not agree with. We do not blindly start developing just because you want something, we start by defining your needs and analysing the problem and from there we determine your best solution. That means that custom software is not necessarily the best (read: cost effective) solution.

At DUODEKA, we aim to minimize these so-called interpretation gaps, in which clients often imagine a overly complex solution for their given problem. Furthermore, indirect communication with the developers is another reason which might lead to even more interpretation gaps. Therefore, we offer our clients the opportunity to talk with or people who both have a technical and commercial skill set.

We consider ourselves most valuable when we are flown in directly when determining the problem or ambitions. Since we are a group of commercial programmers, we possess the knowledge and (social) skills to interpret and solve economical and technical issues and we are perfectly capable of providing our clients with a suitable and sustainable solution.