Application Development

Meteor, Laravel, Hadoop, MongoDB

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Big Data Era

Data Science & Big Data Analytics

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Our Mission

A technology driven-society

Although we live in a technology driven society, it appears that IT is not always as supportive as it should be. Administrative tasks become painfully tedious as single applications do not meet your business needs and do not integrate nicely with other applications.

As a company we want to be great in everything we do. The route towards that starts here. In our search for value creation we think big. DUODEKA develops IT that supports you in running your business, by focusing on the core principle on which IT is founded: Together we add smartness to your business in a punctual manner.

Smartness starts with understanding

We take pride in our products and ourselves. Focused on discovering and development, we stimulate learning and are quick on our feet. In a punctual manner; we make it smart.

Decision making can be a challenging process. DUODEKA helps you with defining your needs. We analyze the market and your business processes in order to clarify how your business can be better supported.

Understanding support is mighty

Being a young multidisciplinary team of university graduates, we are naturally motivated to help your organization thrive. With an honest and critical approach we are committed to smarten your business and IT.

Our products are designed to support you in your daily tasks. Because we know how your business is structured we are able to implement the desired workflow in a user-friendly environment. Improving the accessibility of relevant information safes you and your employees time.

But knowledge is power

Through a learning process of analyzing gathered data, we can provide you with new insights regarding your current business. These insights help you to better understand your customers and to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. In a punctual manner; we make it smart.

Areas of expertise

Data Science
Project Management

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